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VS Investigator Suites by Visual Statement (VISTA)

Collision/crime scene reconstruction software application.* This is the claims industry's leading choice for accident reconstruction diagramming used by thousands of insurance claims investigators, subrogation specialists, accident reconstructionist and law enforcement professionals across North America.

Precision diagramming and scene recreation, accurate statement taking, momentum and crash analysis, a state-of-the-art vehicle database.

Speed Safety System (SSS)

Speed Safety System for fixed installation includes a microwave sensor which has a multi vehicle tracking technique, and this radar supplied with a Remote communication or up to 6000 Pictures storage Capacity for stoeing or sending the violation picture included withe the automated registered data for every tracked violation.


Red Light Safety System (RLSS)

Red Light Safety System for fixed installation has a capability of taking two picture for every violated car that the first one shall show the vehicle before the stop line while the second picture shall show the vehicle in the middle of the intersection.

Mobile Speed Safety System (MSSS)

Mobile speed Safety System can be used mounted in a vehicle or on a tripod provides the flexibility to monitor various locations depending on their actual traffic.

Road Shoulder Safety Sysyem

Road Shoulder System operates from the side off road tracking vehicle entering the road shoulder. Vehicle entering the road shoulder space, triggers the system.

One or two high-resolution photos of violation are taken and stored with time, date, and location information embedded in file.

Software is provided with the system for processing and store violations photos.

The system has been approved and accredited in Dubai.

High Speed Digital Scanner

This new Technology of the digital scanner has one-pass scanning technology and the quality to match digital minilabs. Scan once and create unique patented Impak Sleeving™, Image CDs, Kodak Picture CDs, load images to the Internet – even make prints up to 8X10!

Back Office Software

A full Arabic/English customized software for processing and storing violations including very user friendly image proccessing, with full managing power for supplying reports and statistics studies.

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